The Buffalo Bills were Super Bowl favorites entering the 2022 season, but had an unexpected early exit from the playoffs. The Cincinnati Bengals defeated Buffalo 27-10 in the divisional round, marking another year that the team fell short. The loss is still weighing on some players, most notably Pro Bowl wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who is confused about why the Bills came up short again.

Diggs discussed the team's last loss on HBO's The Shop and did not hold back on his frustrations. 

"It doesn't make sense," Diggs said. "I'll rack my brain with this shit at this point. ... I think it's more execution than anything. Shit is small little pieces on why it's not going right. ... We've got the players. We've got the plays. Why shit ain't coming together? That's where you draw some of those questions. I never want to question who I am, I never want to question how I am. I'm giving this shit everything I've got. I'm dying on the hill for that." 

In the playoff loss, Diggs had four receptions for 35 yards and no touchdowns, with a game-high 10 targets. The offense could not make much happen and the frustrations were visible on the sideline.

Diggs was seen exchanging some words with quarterback Josh Allen during the loss, clearly not thrilled with how the game was playing out. After the game, Diggs ran out of the locker room with all of his belongings before some of his coaching staff was even in the tunnel. He later addressed his reaction to the loss on Twitter, asking if people wanted him to be OK with losing.

He was upset then, and based on his latest comments that loss still stings.

The discussion around the team has been whether the Bills' championship window is closing. With Allen at quarterback and the support on all sides of the ball, reaching the AFC title game -- which they lost to the Chiefs in excruciating fashion in 2020 -- should be a given.

The Bills will have another shot to make a playoff run in 2023, but have some clear weak spots they need to address, including another receiver to support Diggs. Buffalo has the third-best odds to win it all next season (+650) behind the San Francisco 49ers (+600) and the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs (+550).