NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans

There are high expectations for Tennessee Titans second-year wideout Treylon Burks. The first-round pick out of Arkansas is expected to shoulder the Titans' passing attack in 2023, which finished third-worst in the NFL last season. Burks changed his approach to the preseason for his second year in the NFL, and that includes going to extreme lengths to make a voluntary workout. 

Burks was more than determined to get to the Titans facilities by Monday morning at 8 a.m. for OTAs, per NFL reporter Paul Kuharsky. However, Burks' flight from Northwest Arkansas National Airport to Dallas was delayed, which would force him to miss his connecting flight to Nashville. Burks then turned his attention to driving, and began the process of seeking out a rental car. The problem was, Walmart apparently leased out every rental car in the area until Thursday! 

Burks told his agent, J.R. Carroll, he was not going to miss camp for any reason, and that he needed to help him get to Nashville. Carroll then reached out to five private pilots for their help, but they were not willing to fly Burks to Nashville on a Sunday night. Eventually, they found a pilot named Zach Davis with a small Cessna that was willing to make the journey early Monday morning. The price? Cost of fuel and the pilot's time.

"As soon as the sun broke the horizon they took off for Nashville in this plane whose prop was smaller than Treylon's wingspan," Carroll said, via Kuharsky. "Pilot said (Burks) slept the whole way and wasn't the least bit nervous."

Talk about dedication for voluntary workouts.