Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady retired and then unretired earlier this year. The NFL superstar's love for the game is quite clear, but he recently revealed that he almost retired at the age of 27.

"When I was 27, I almost retired from the game of football because of elbow pain," Brady said in an advertisement for his company TB12. "Now, I'm 45 years old and I'm still here. No matter the age, no matter the obstacle, it's about how you feel and about what you do." 

Brady shared the story in trying to prove that his TB12 sports "is for everyone," not just professional athletes like himself. The ad features a wide range of athletes from different ages overcoming obstacles in their own athletic journeys. From a runner to a figure skater, the video shows clips of people pushing themselves. 

The TB12 method, according to the website, "helps eliminate pain, prevent injury, and improve performance using healthy daily habits proven by Tom Brady."

Brady was a sixth round pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, but more than two decades later, he is still accomplishing a lot. Earlier this month, Brady became the first player in NFL history to pass for 100,000 career yards.

Even if he had retired at 27, Brady would've left the NFL with some major achievements. At that age, he was already the New England Patriots' starting quarterback and had won two Super Bowl rings with Bill Belichick. However, his success continued long after his 20s. 

He now has a total of seven Super Bowl titles and has been named NFL MVP three times. The latest MVP title was in 2018 at the age of 40, which made him the oldest player to ever win that honor. In 2021, he became the oldest player to ever play in a Super Bowl -- and that's when he earned his seventh ring, as well as his fifth Super Bowl MVP title.

Brady will likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame after his real retirement, but for now, he is still enjoying the game of football.