The Kansas City Chiefs are raising a Super Bowl banner on Thursday night, the second one for the franchise over the past four years. While the celebration is nice, Travis Kelce just wants to put the past behind him and get this season underway. 

"As sick as it sounds, I'm over last year," Kelce said, via a Chiefs transcript. "I'm ready to keep things moving forward. You know, I think it will be cool for the fans, for the Hunt family to be able to put another banner up, and that'll be a moment for them. 

"For me right now, I'm focused on beating the Detroit Lions, not really focused on any of the other stuff that goes on for the first game of the year."

The Chiefs are seeking their third Super Bowl title in five seasons, looking to build the league's new dynasty. Kelce is a huge part of that, coming off a season which he finished with 110 catches for 1,338 yards and 12 touchdowns at age 33 -- the most receptions and receiving touchdowns he's ever had in a season. 

Coming off seven consecutive 1,000-yard seasons (an NFL record for a tight end), Kelce is on the verge of history in 2023. Kelce needs 1,498 receiving yards to surpass Antonio Gates (11,841) for third-most by a tight end in NFL history. He needs just two receptions to surpass Shannon Sharpe (815) for fourth-most and needs just six touchdown catches to surpass Jason Witten (74) for fifth-most.

Even though he turns 34 this year, Kelce says his body is feeling great. He's been able to play 15-plus games every year for each of the last nine seasons, with no signs of slowing down. 

"Coach (Andy) Reid does a great job of taking care of us throughout the year," Kelce said. "I've been very fortunate that we have the best training staff in the league, so getting in the training room, doing a lot of rehab, and just making sure the body is tuned up. I've been very fortunate for that.

"There's a lot that goes into it. You just have to be a professional, and you just have to be very fortunate. Actually, there's lot of fortune that goes into the game and staying healthy and being out there every week."