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Tyreek Hill is through nearly two seasons with the Dolphins, but the former Chiefs wide receiver can't stop talking about his former team and, more specifically, why he changed teams in the first place. Appearing on the "RG3 and The Ones" podcast this week, the Pro Bowler joked that the connection between Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce helped drive him away.

"Pat had Kelce, and I was kinda jealous," Hill said with a laugh. "I was hurt, bruh. I was hurt. Patrick, you ain't never invite me over to your house like you did Kelce. You always invited Kelce. That's why we here where we at now."

The remarks came after Hill was asked whether he has a stronger on-field connection with Mahomes, his full-time quarterback in Kansas City from 2018-2021, or current Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa. Hill immediately tried to downplay the comments, telling Robert Griffin III he was just "bulls----ing." But he all but reinforced them later in the conversation.

"I never been anybody's side chick before," Hill said. "Never. Always, my whole life -- high school, middle school -- all the quarterbacks, (I was their) main chick. Always. I go to K.C., now I'm the side chick."

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Hill, of course, was prolific during his time with the Chiefs, topping 1,100 receiving yards in four of his six seasons with the team. But this isn't the first time he's hinted that he wanted an even bigger role in K.C.'s offense, repeatedly saying in 2022 that a lack of pass targets contributed to his departure via trade. He's also cited his contract as a primary reason for his exit, suggesting Mahomes and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid assured him the team would meet his demands for a new deal prior to his move to Miami.

"Those conversations were kinda dicey," Hill admitted to Griffin. "So here we are today."

Hill was also complementary of Mahomes and the Chiefs during his interview, calling his former QB a "great teammate" and "leader of men," while noting that he still communicates with Mahomes, Kelce and others in K.C. At the end of the day, it seems, their working relationship simply could not last.