Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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Every Tuesday, eight-time Pro Bowler, three-time First-Team All-Pro and current Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson and two-time Super Bowl champion Bryant McFadden discuss what's happening in the NFL world on and off the field. This week, Peterson broke down some of the biggest moments from the Vikings' 33-30 overtime victory at the Buffalo Bills in Week 10, a game he sealed with his second interception of quarterback Josh Allen. Watch the Nov. 15 edition of "All Things Covered" here to hear Peterson analyze the "Game of the Year". 

On his first interception with the Bills facing a fourth-and-2 at the Vikings' 7 with 10:42 left to play and leading 27-17

"It was a 10-play drive. Jesus Christ. Those guys were trying to go for the dagger and take all the air out of us at that point in the game. You always want to make them play one more down and snap it again."

"[Isaiah] McKenzie ended up running an outbreaking route, and Josh [Allen] breaks the pocket, so I push McKenzie out of bounds because in the rule when the quarterback breaks the pocket, you can push them out of bounds. After I push him out of bounds, I'm literally a centimeter away from stepping out of bounds myself. I notice it and I say 'Boom get in bounds!' and so once I notice I'm in bounds, Josh is still rolling, and he trusts his arm strength against anybody and is always looking to make that big play. All week we preached 'Stay in coverage, stay plastered to your guy because he just might give you one.' With McKenzie out of the play, I don't think he [Allen] saw me, but I noticed he saw his tight end streaking back across the field. Stepped in front of it, first pick and that continued to change  the momentum after Dalvin [Cook] got that big touchdown run."

On Justin Jefferson's game-saving catch with the Vikings facing fourth-and-18 on their own 27 right after the two-minute warning while trailing 27-23

"I had the best seat in the house, right there on the sideline. As soon as he caught it, I damn near jumped out of my jacket. 'Oh, my God he really just caught that ball' is what I thought while also thinking hurry up."

On Josh Allen's fumble on the goal line

"I was in a front row seat for that one too. As soon as the center hiked the ball and I saw it leave Josh's hands and hit the back of the center, I thought 'Oh crap, the ball is out' and next thing you know Harry [defensive tackle Harrison Phillips] jumps over to the bottom of the pile, [safety] Harrison Smith jumps on the top of the pile with [linebacker] Eric Kendricks like a missile into the middle of the pile. I don't know how he [Kendricks] got to the bottom of the pile and got that ball. It was incredible for him to get to the bottom and dig that ball out for us to create a touchdown turnover to put us in position to take the lead and win the game in regulation. That was crazy. I told the guys right before that as we came out of the TV time that we had one timeout in our back pocket and that they're at the half-yard line, so this is the time to give us everything you got because you never know with making them snap it one more time!'"

"I always say every single week, 'I don't know how we're going to win the football game, but we're going to win it.'"

On Gave Davis' controversial 20-yard catch with 24 seconds in regulation not being reviewed

"I don't know, I thought all plays that were close especially with the time frame of the clock and situation of the game made everything reviewable. I really don't know why the play didn't get called down to get looked at. I was on the opposite side of the field, but I saw how animated our sideline was saying it was incomplete. ... Their stadium jumbotron guy, he might be the best in the league. He don't show anything the Buffalo Bills do bad." 

On his game-winning interception in overtime

"I was on Gabe Davis, and I could show you in my notes the routes that Gabe Davis runs: posts, digs, slants occasionally. ... Buffalo's concept is the red zone is laser, meaning they use the No. 2 receiver as a clear-out guy running to the opposite pylon and the No. 1 receiver is running a dig. They also love to run a double-post, that's quarters-beater, and that's what we were in. Going back to my film study, I knew he was an in-breaking receiver, he showed that all game. ... It's crunch time, if he runs this route, I am going to go pick this ball off.  Ask [Bills cornerback] Tre'Davious White. I said to him standing on the sideline, 'Tre if they come to this side, I am going to pick this off.' They ran the laser concept. ... Josh thought he had it, and Josh is a guy who trusts his arm strength."

On playing in the 'Game of the Year'

"We understood the ramifications of this game. Our coaches said the night before that this wasn't going to be a make-or-break game, but that this was going to be the closest thing to a playoff game. Two good teams going at it, and it was about who could sustain the momentum and make the plays at the right time. ... It came down to be us. You aren't thinking in the moment if that's the "Game of the Year" because you don't know what's going on around the league. After the game looking at it and going through the memory log ... that was crazy to think about on the plane ride home. Seeing the feedback on social media, I realized that was a game for the ages." 

On plane celebration

"I did not know I was going to be picked to put the ice on, Z [linebacker Za'Darius Smith] kinda bullied me into doing that. I said to let [quarterback] Kirk [Cousins] do it because that's the tradition right now. He said, 'Nah, you won the game for us, you closed out the game, you do it!' I came back from the restroom and said, 'Ah, I'll do it'. I took off my shirt and they started to ice me up. I ended up doing it this week, which was pretty cool. The guys love it, and I love the camaraderie."