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Throughout the season the CBS Sports MLB experts will bring you a weekly Batting Around roundtable breaking down pretty much anything. The latest news, a historical question, thoughts about the future of baseball, all sorts of stuff. Last week we debated the best shortstop in baseball. This week we're going to tackle two underperforming teams.

Which team is more likely to make the postseason: Padres or Phillies?

R.J. Anderson: I guess the Padres. Better run differential to date, and I think they have the higher talent level. That said, I'm not ready to give up on either of them. We know both Preller and Dombrowski will be active and aggressive at the deadline, and I suspect these rosters will look different come August in a way that will find them each in the hunt down the stretch.

Matt Snyder: I'll go Padres. They have too much potential offensive firepower to keep hitting as poorly as they have to this point as a group. Once Manny Machado returns, there's still plenty of time to have him,  Fernando Tatis, Jake Cronenworth and Xander Bogaerts to all start hitting up to their capability. I know many love looping in Juan Soto, but he's been doing it for the past month. Time for the others to join him and when they do, they're gonna get stupid hot. I do think the Phillies also have a decent chance, I just like the Padres' chances better. 

Dayn Perry: I'll lean Padres. I think eventually Manny Machado gets healthy and finds his established level at the plate, and more broadly I just have more confidence at the impressive level of talent on the roster. The San Diego rotation is a bit of a question mark, but it wouldn't be surprising at all if that need is a addressed in a notable way leading up to the trade deadline. 

Mike Axisa: FanGraphs gives the Padres significantly higher postseason odds while Sportsline gives the Phillies significantly higher postseason odds, so they're no help. My head says Padres because they have so much high-end talent, but my heart says Phillies because they're very talented too, and also because I've seen them rally from a large-ish deficit to make the postseason. They did it just last year! Manny Machado will get on track, sure, but so will Trea Turner, and I trust Dave Dombrowski to pull the right strings at the deadline. He might gut the farm system in the process, but he'll get the help the Phillies need. I think both teams will rally to make the postseason. Force me to pick one, and I'll go Phillies.