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Fantasy football is not just popular among fans at home. NFL players like to get in on the action too, and that includes Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown, who just had to acquire himself via trade last season.

Speaking with NBC Sports EDGE, Brown said he enjoys playing fantasy football and that he even made a trade to get himself on his own fantasy team for the 2021 season.

Brown, a Tennessee Titan at the time, said he had to give up Kansas City Chiefs tight end in exchange.

"Of course," Brown said. "I had to trade for myself. I had to trade Travis Kelce. I'm sorry, Travis. I love you, but I had to get myself."

Brown revealed that he was in a league with his Titans teammates, and center Ben Jones was the one who drafted Brown before the star wide receiver could select himself. Fortunately, Brown was able to make a swap with Kelce as the return.

In the offseason, Brown was traded to the Eagles, and he has been a force for any fantasy manager with him on their team this year. In 13 games played, Brown has totaled 65 receptions for 1,020 yards and 10 touchdowns.

With the fantasy playoffs set to begin soon, managers will hope that Brown can keep up that production for the next few weeks.