The stage is set for the 2023 NFL Draft and the players are bringing some of their best fashion to that stage. All eyes are on the prospects as the teams begin making picks, meaning all eyes are also on their outfit choices.

The NFL Draft is the night these players have dreamed of their entire lives. This is the day they have been working toward during their college careers, with everything leading up to the moment they get to walk to the podium, shake hands with commissioner Roger Goodell and hold up the No. 1 jersey.

While preparing for this momentous day, a day that is likely the most important ones of their lives so far, they have to meet with teams, get evaluated, take tests and participate in pro days and workouts. The final piece of all their preparation, and an important piece, is what they decide to wear on draft night.

This is their first moment as a member of their NFL team and is their official introduction to the league. These photos will be posted everywhere and shown for years, so they want to make sure they have a solid look.

Here are some of the best and boldest 'fits on draft night:

Quarterback Bryce Young was selected No. 1 overall by the Carolina Panthers. You will either love or hate this look, but either way it will get a reaction. I love the color choice here, but I wish the suit cut off lower, rather than be as long as it was.

Turtle necks with suits are not everyone's cup of tea, but I think they are very overrated and those who can pull it off should do so at as many opportunities as they can. Adding a chain to a gold turtleneck could have ended up looking like the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson photo of him wearing something similar, but paired with the black suit it goes classy rather than "cheesy meme."

Anthony Richardson got the turtleneck memo. 

The all white, the pearl buttons, the diamond chain and the broach, it all reads luxury.

If you are going to go bold, you have to commit to it all the way, and that is exactly what Tyree Wilson did.

Defensive tackle Jalen Carter and his new teammate, Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce, are dressed very different here. There are a few things I would change about Carter's outfit, like the style of the dress shirt under his suit jacket and his pocket square, but I applaud any person willing to pull off an all purple look. Kelce's T-shirt also deserves a shoutout for best looks of the night.